Looking to get a new glucose meter? What about the best insulin pump for your lifestyle and self-management plan? Whatever your diabetes device or medication needs, ADA’s Consumer Guide can help. The sections below include key information on products and tools to help you live well with diabetes.

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DISCLAIMER: The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) uses an independent editorial committee to regularly review our Consumer Guide’s content for accuracy and to ensure it is unbiased. This content is to inform both consumers and professionals about technology and medications available to treat diabetes and is not an endorsement. Due to various factors, the information provided may not be up-to-date or accurate at times. If you have questions about the information provided in your diabetes treatment plan, please reach out to your diabetes care team.

Featured Content

Sometimes a listing and description isn’t enough. The resources below have important information about how some of the featured products in our Consumer Guide support people with diabetes.

Insulin Therapy

With the help of your health care team, you can find an insulin routine that will keep your glucose levels in range, help you feel good, and fit your lifestyle.


CGM & Time in Range

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM), as the name suggests, continually monitor the glucose (sugar) in your blood through an external device that’s attached to your body.


Keys to Choosing a CGM

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have evolved over the years, and there have been exciting improvements in the accuracy, reliability, and ease of use for these devices.


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