FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System

FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System

Abbott Diabetes Care

Reads glucose levels through a sensor that is worn on the back of the upper arm. It communicates continuously with the reader, but you have to scan the sensor to get a reading. Glucose levels are displayed as number values as well as trends. No finger-stick confirmation required when making treatment decisions. The FreeStyle LibreLink app allows users to use a smartphone to view their real-time glucose levels, access their eight-hour glucose history, and see changes in glucose. And using the LibreLinkUp app, up to 20 people can track a user’s glucose data and trends on select Apple and Android smartphones.


  • No Calibration Required
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • No Finger-Stick Confirmation
  • Short Warm-Up Time
  • Built-In Meter
  • Sends Data to Smart Device


Stand-alone CGM
Transmitter & Sensor Size:
1.38 in. diameter x 0.2 in.
Transmitter & Sensor Weight:
0.18 oz
Receiver Size:
2.36 x 3.74 x 0.63 in.
Receiver weight:
2.3 oz.
Sensor Duration:
14 days
Transmitter Range:
The reader must be within 1.5 inches of the sensor to scan it.
Warm-Up Time:
1 hour
Battery Type:
Sensor has 1 silver oxide battery. Reader has 1 rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Data-Management Software:
Sends data to the user's FreeStyle LibreLink app and LibreView, a cloud-based diabetes-management system. FreeStyle Libre desktop software can be used to view reports and change reader settings. The software is compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems.
Approved Ages: