MiniMed Mio Advance

MiniMed Mio Advance

Medtronic Diabetes

This infusion set uses a pre-loaded disposable insertion device for quicker and easier insertion.


  • Pump Compatibility: Compatible with pumps with Luer-lock or MiniMed connections including Medtronic, Roche, and Animas
  • Tubing Disconnect: At site
  • Insertion Method: Via built-in disposable insertion device
  • Needle/Cannula: 90° insertion angle; 25-gauge plastic cannula; 6-mm and 9-mm cannula lengths


Needle/Cannula Type:
Plastic cannula
Needle/Cannula Insertion Angle:
90° insertion angle
Needle/Cannula Gauge:
25 gauge
Needle/Cannula Lengths:
6 mm, 9 mm
23 in, 43 in