Tresiba FlexTouch

Tresiba FlexTouch

Novo Nordisk

A disposable long-acting insulin pen available in two concentrations: 100 units/ml (U-100) pen that can dial doses up to 80 units in increments of 1 unit and a 200 units/ml (U-200) pen that can dial doses up to 160 units in increments of 2 units. U-200 insulin is a different concentration of insulin. On both pens, the dose button will not extend outwards as dose is dialed. There is an audible click at the end of the dose after the dose counter returns to zero.


  • Audible Clicks During Dosing


Pen Type:
Insulin Types:
Dose Delivery:
For U-100: 1-unit increments, up to 80 units at a time. For U-200: 2-unit increments, up to 160 units at a time.
Total Capacity:
For U-100: 300 units. For U-200: 600 units.
Pen is blue with a spring green (U-100) or forest green (U-200) label.