FreeStyle Libre 3

FreeStyle Libre 3

Abbott Diabetes Care

The Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 is a continuous glucose monitor that measures blood glucose (blood sugar) levels every minute and requires no fingerstick blood glucose calibration. It is worn for 14 days on the back of the upper arm and communicates real-time data continuously with a phone app via Bluetooth. Glucose levels are displayed as numeric values as well as trends in the app. The device offers optional real-time alarms for low glucose, high glucose, and signal loss.


  • No Calibration Required
  • Alerts and Alarms
  • No Finger-Stick Confirmation
  • Long Transmitter Range
  • Short Warm-Up Time
  • Approved for Use in Kids


Stand-alone CGM
Transmitter & Sensor Size:
2.9 mm x 21 mm
Transmitter & Sensor Weight:
1.1 g
Sensor Duration:
Up to 14 days
Transmitter Range:
33 feet
Warm-Up Time:
1 hour
Data-Management Software:
Uploads data to the user's LibreView account (a cloud-based diabetes-management system) or FreeStyle Libre desktop software can be used to view reports and change reader settings. The software is compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems.
Approved Ages: