CYCLOSET (bromocriptine)

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Cycloset (bromocriptine quick release) is a type 2 diabetes oral medication in the dopamine-2 agonist class of drugs. It helps lower blood glucose levels after a meal. This drug is not recommended for use in conjunction with basal (background) or bolus (mealtime) insulin therapy. Because type 2 diabetes medications act in different ways to lower blood glucose levels, providers will often prescribe multiple drugs to a patient. For example, a doctor might prescribe both a biguanide and a sulfonylurea. Several of the more popular combinations of oral drugs can be prescribed together in a single pill. Each medication has its own side effects. Read labels carefully to be sure you know what they are.



Generic Name:
Bromocriptine quick release
Drug Class:
Dopamine-2 agonists
Medication Type: