STEGLUJAN (ertugliflozin and sitagliptin)

Merck & Co., Inc.

Steglujan (ertugliflozin and sitagliptin) is a combination medication for type 2 diabetes. This oral medication contains an SGLT-2 Inhibitor class of drugs (ertugliflozin) and DPP-4 inhibitor (sitagliptin). Steglujan blocks glucose from being reabsorbed by the kidneys. Excess glucose is released in the urine. Medications in the SGLT-2 inhibitor class may offer heart and kidney benefits for people with cardiovascular disease. Because type 2 diabetes medications act in separate ways to lower blood glucose levels, providers my prescribe more than one medication to control blood glucose levels. Several of the more popular combinations of oral drugs can be prescribed together in a single pill. Each medication has its own side effects. Read labels carefully to be sure you know what they are.



Generic Name:
Ertugliflozin and sitagliptin
Drug Class:
SGLT-2 Inhibitors
Medication Type: