Eversense CGM System

Eversense CGM System


The only implantable CGM sensor that provides continuous glucose monitoring with a sensor life of up to 90 days. The pill-sized sensor is placed just under the skin, and the lightweight transmitter sits on top of the skin which reads the sensor and wirelessly sends data to a mobile app for Android and Apple devices. A separate receiver is not required. A gentle, silicone-based adhesive patch is provided for fresh, daily use with the water-resistant transmitter. For those times when you want nothing attached to your body, the transmitter can be removed and put back on. Predictive alerts help users know if glucose is trending high or low. The transmitter vibrates against the body when glucose hits a customizable preset high or low level, even if the mobile device is not in range. No finger-stick confirmation required when making treatment decisions. Eversense is the only CGM sensor approved for use during an MRI (transmitter must be temporarily removed). Using the Eversense Now app, up to five caregivers can view real-time glucose readings and receive alerts on Apple devices.


  • Alerts and Alarms
  • No Finger-Stick Confirmation
  • Long Transmitter Range
  • Transmits Data Continuously
  • Sends Data to Smart Device
  • Shares Data Via App


Stand-alone CGM
Transmitter & Sensor Size:
1.48 x 1.89 x 0.35 in. (Transmitter only)
Transmitter & Sensor Weight:
0.39 oz. (Transmitter only)
Calibration Details:
Calibrate every 12 hours. Blood glucose levels must be between 40 and 400 mg/dl to calibrate.
Sensor Duration:
Up to 90 days
Transmitter Range:
The transmitter must be within 25 feet of your mobile device.
Warm-Up Time:
24 hours
Battery Type:
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Data-Management Software:
Works with Eversense DMS, a web-based data-management application that automatically uploads glucose readings from the Eversense app. Compatible with Glooko data-management system.
Approved Ages: