iLet Bionic Pancreas System

iLet Bionic Pancreas System

Beta Bionics

The iLet Bionic Pancreas system by Beta Bionics is an automated insulin delivery system composed of the iLet ACE Pump, iLet Dosing Decision Software, and a continuous glucose monitor. The pump’s dosing is initiated solely based on the user’s weight. After the initial input of the weight, the device runs three algorithms: the basal insulin controller, the bolus correction controller, and the meal announcement controller. The basal insulin controller determines basal rates every five minutes based on present glucose, glucose trend, and historic CGM data. The bolus correction controller takes into account the same factors as the basal algorithm as well as insulin on board. The meal announcement controller algorithm determines meal bolus doses utilizing the user’s estimated meal size. The device does not utilize HCP-programmed basal rates, correction factors, or carbohydrate ratios. The device has three targets 110, 120, 130 mg/dL. It is approved for use in people 6+ years of age with type 1 diabetes.  


  • Combo pump-CGM
  • Auto Basal Insulin Suspension
  • Auto Basal Insulin Adjustment
  • Auto Correction Boluses
  • View Data Via Smartphone App
  • Shares Data Via App
  • Approved for Use In Kids


Pump Size:
50 x 91 x 15 mm
Pump Weight:
110 grams with a full cartridge
Basal Range:
0-11.5 units per hour, Basal rate dynamic and autonomously set by the algorithm, limited to 00.45 units per hour per kg of body mass.
Bolus Range:
0.5 to 30 units
Rechargeable on dock
Infusion Set:
iLet Inset, iLet Contact Detach
Water Resistance:
IPX8: Protected gains immersion for up to 12 feet for 30 minutes
Data-Management Software:
iLet Dosing Decision Software, iLet Mobile App
Approved Ages:
6+ (with type 1 diabetes)