Reusable, rapid-acting smart insulin pen. Pairs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth allowing it to automatically record the time and amount of your insulin doses, keep track of active insulin, calculate meal and correction doses based on individualized insulin therapy settings, send missed-dose reminders, and monitor insulin temperature and expiration date. The device syncs in real-time with Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, with Dexcom CGM system with 3-hour delay and with bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meters through Apple Health. Device allows user to share integrated data reports with the health care team or family directly through the InPen app. Allows for insulin dosing of Humalog U-100, NovoLog U-100, and Fiasp U-100 pre-filled cartridges in half-unit increments and is approved for use in all ages; if below age 7, must use under adult supervision.


  • Doses in Half-Unit Increments
  • Works With Smartphone App
  • Memory Function


Pen Type:
Insulin Types:
Dose Delivery:
Half-unit increments, up to 30 units at a time
Total Capacity:
300 units
Pen is available in gray, pink, and blue.