MiniMed 780G System

MiniMed 780G System


The MiniMed 780G is a hybrid closed-loop insulin pump by Medtronic. The pump’s automated insulin delivery system, SmartGuard, uses CGM data in an algorithm to adjust basal insulin and give correction boluses as frequently as every 5 minutes. The pump communicates wirelessly with either the Guardian 3 or 4 Sensor, the latter of which does not require calibration. The device features meal detection technology designed to detect missed or miscalculated carbohydrate boluses based on sensor glucose rate of change and give larger correction boluses. The device has 3 adjustable glucose target rates: 100, 110, and 120 mg/dl. It is approved for people with type 1 diabetes using 8 units or more per day.


  • Combo pump-CGM
  • Auto Basal Insulin Suspension
  • Auto Basal Insulin Adjustment
  • Auto Correction Boluses
  • Communicates With Meter
  • View Data Via Smartphone App
  • Shares Data Via App


Pump Size:
3.81 x 2.18 x 1.01 inches
Pump Weight:

106 grams. without battery and with empty reservoir

Reservoir Size:


Basal Range:

0.00 to 35 units per hour in 0.025-unit increments for rates of 0.025-0.975 units/hour, 0.05-unit increments for rates of 1.00–9.95 units/hour, and 0.1 units increments for rates of 10.0 units/hour or more.

Bolus Range:

0.025 to 25 units. Increments of 0.025, 0.05, and 0.1 units. Insulin-to-carb ratio allows for fractions of grams. 


AA (1.5 V)

Infusion Set:

Compatible with Medtronic infusion sets only.

Water Resistance:

The pump is waterproof up to 12 feet for up to 24 hours.

Data-Management Software:

Works with MiniMed Mobile App and CareLink Connect App to manage pump and CGM data.

Approved Ages:

7+ (with type 1 diabetes)