MiniMed Sure-T

MiniMed Sure-T

Medtronic Diabetes

This infusion set, designed for patients with a history of scar tissue, bent cannulas, or Teflon allergies, uses a steel cannula that is manually inserted. The set is compatible with Medtronic pumps and any pump with a Luer-lock connector. User must insert the infusion set manually. The insertion site and connection are located on separate adhesive sites helping prevent dislodging when the set is disconnected.


  • Pump Compatibility: Compatible with Medtronic pumps and pumps that have a Luer-lock connector
  • Tubing Disconnect: Away from site
  • Insertion Method: Manual
  • Needle/Cannula: 90° insertion angle; 29-gauge stainless steel needle; 6- and 8-mm needle lengths


Needle/Cannula Type:
Stainless steel needle
Needle/Cannula Insertion Angle:
90° insertion angle
Needle/Cannula Gauge:
29 gauge
Needle/Cannula Lengths:
6 mm, 8 mm
18 in, 23 in, 32 in