Trijardy XR

Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly

Trijardy XR is triple combination type 2 oral medication made up of Jardiance (empaglifilozin), Metformin XR, and Tradjenta (linagliptin) that lowers blood glucose levels. Jardiance decreases the glucose level in the blood by filtering the excess glucose through the urine. Tradjenta lowers blood glucose by helping the pancreas produce more insulin and slowing carbohydrate absorption. Metformin decreases the glucose production excreted from the liver and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. When taking Trijardy XR, daily water intake should be increased. This medication, which comes in various doses, can be taken with other oral medications such as sulfonylureas and long-acting insulin but may require a dose adjustment.



Generic Name:
Linagliptin, empagliflozin, and metformin HCL
Drug Class:
SGLT-2 inhibitors, DPP-4 inhibitors, Biguanides
Medication Type: